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What We Do 
Boavista Press is a small press focused on authors from the Portuguese-American Community and other Portuguese-speaking communities in the United States and Canada, and authors working with the teaching of Portuguese as a Foreign Language. 
Such authors are often overlooked by larger publishing houses, but they are the main focus of this press. The motivation behind this project is the profound respect and admiration for all that Portuguese-Americans and other Portuguese-speaking communities, in different periods in time, have contributed to American society. We publish poetry, fiction and non-fiction, textbooks, photography and multimedia projects about heritage, culture, arts, cultural criticism, politics, news, history and beyond. 


Why Work With Us 
We read every query and we will answer you within the month. We work with several excellent experienced editors, fluent in English and Portuguese. Once we respond favorably, and you sign your contract (We offer simple terms), you can start working on your project. Each book will have an individual promotion plan and it will be featured in online distributors in North American and Europe. As we continue to grow, we will have a larger catalog, and your decision to publish with us will also be based on whether you fit with our books. 

Contact Information 
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