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Book Launch: "Teaching and Learning Portuguese in Canada"


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The teaching of Portuguese across the vast Canadian territory, characterized by one particular variety at times or through a dynamic convergence of both Portuguese and Brazilian varieties at others, has attracted primarily learners for whom Portuguese may be considered a heritage language. However, the number of learners from non-Lusophone backgrounds in the Portuguese language classroom continues to grow–a trend fueled by motivations as diverse as the learners’ profiles. Both teachers and learners contribute to the multi-dimensional diversity that the teaching and learning experience represents. Teachers and learners, from distinct ethno- and sociolinguistic backgrounds, come together in the classroom to cultivate and celebrate their personally unique–yet interconnected–relationship with the Portuguese language. However, considering that Portuguese in Canada is always taught and learned in a minority language context, teachers and learners’ plurilingual and intercultural competencies are more-often-than-not left unacknowledged and unexplored, despite the Portuguese language classroom’s rich multilingual and multicultural nature. In light of these and other factors, this volume has been conceptualised with the objective of bringing scholars and teachers together to promote the sharing of knowledge and to foster a critical reflection relevant to the teaching and learning of Portuguese in Canada, simultaneously informing a holistic mapping of its current expansiveness.

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